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- Los Angeles & Beyond -

Have you been searching for the one place safe enough to be t he RAWEST version of yourself?

You're finally here.

I'll hold your hand - literally & figuratively - through the growth and healing you've been reaching for.


It's true: I already love you unconditionally.

I'm a connection maven & relationship nerd; I make intimacy an art form. Some people travel to faraway lands to explore and play. Relationships are my deepest and most joyful form of exploration. I’ve spent countless hours discovering how they thrive, what they need, and most of all, what happens between you & me.

The connection you've been seeking is all around you

Just reach out.

What is it that I do, exactly?

I'm a therapreneur

I wear many hats and titles: cuddle therapist, intimacy specialist, coach, teacher, vlogger, writer, speaker, businesswoman - just to name a few.

Yes. It's all jargon!

All that means is that I'm endlessly creative when it comes to finding ways to support you to both heal and grow. (And yes, I see those as two very separate processes that require different skills and approaches. I do both!)

Wherever you are, my number one purpose is helping you generate abundant safety, empowerment & joy - within yourself and in relationships.

If you need a way in, I just might have the tools you need.

As Seen on:

Changing the world

one hug at a time

There's nothing I love more than showing the world

just what the power of connection can do.

And many more....

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Upcoming Event

Badass Boundaries for Leaders

Six week course | Nov 3 - Jan 15, 2022

Thurs - 3:30-5:00PM Pacific Time

Learn a simple 5 step process to setting (and maintaining) healthy, empowering boundaries so you can have the life of your dreams. This is the most comprehesive course on boundaries with videos, weekly practices, live classes, and peer support.

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Be a Professional Cuddler - The Basics

Free Webinar

Curious about what it takes to be a professional cuddler? Join industry experts Jean Franzblau and Fei Wyatt at Cuddle Sanctuary in this 45-minute intro into this rewarding career.


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